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Belt conveyor

You need a belt conveyor that takes place even in the smallest space without any interference contours? Our conveyor belt is the right choice. -No protruding highes performance motor, thus captivates our allrounder.

Rollers fitted with bearings are driven invisible like by magic hand through a powerful motor via a drive belt. Thus, the alignment of the belt conveyor plays no more role, simplifying your installation on site.

The rollers are mounted completely flush with the side surface of the profile due to a clever design, which allows you an adjustment of the belt in any direction without disturbing components. Again, our proven T- groove profile is used to enhance the conveyor with every conceivable extensions and brackets.

Through the effective sandwich structure of the baseplate it`s possible to remove the belt with the least effort or to integrate electronics accessories such as a backlight in the belt conveyor.

Individually configured & great in quality
Your benefits

Powerful motor

A 24V DC motor with integrated gear ensures a long lifetime. A possible soft start and cushioned stop ensures gentle transport of your components

Made in Germany

High-quality products from Germany. Individually designed and assembled for you by a skilled team.

Price performance

We advise you in the selection of a suitable system and thus ensure the best possible solution for your task.

Versatile usable also for your application
Application areas


Precision parts in miniature dimensions characterize the watch industry. With our mini conveyor belts starting at a width of 10mm, opens you various opportunities.

Packaging industry

Our belts are ideally suited to bridge long distances within a small budget and ensure a high reliability for trouble-free operation of your systems. 

Medical technology

Through our modular design we can provide special conveyor belts, for example, made ‚Äč‚Äčentirely of stainless steel without any niches in which dirt might stay.


All of our conveyor belts are already equipped with a FDA compliant belt which are necessary in many areas of food processing.


To transport highly sensitive electronic components such as wafers, PCBs or tipped Print boards, anti static conveyor belts are used to prevent possible electric shock or damage.

Bulk material

From fine sand up to screws any bulk material can be transported with our band conveyors. Particular if you are using bunkers in your application and want to transport your goods, our conveyors will deal with it.


Many manufacturers have the desire to print their products on the transport or to place a label. Due to a variety of accessories such as guides, positioning elements etc. This is not a problem for our conveyor belts.

Our belt conveyors

Confined installation spaces, hygienic or simply visual aspects speak in very different applications against an exposed engine. Our belt conveyor with internal drive offers you the chance to find an optimal solution for that. Especially for clean room applications we can also provide belt conveyor with stainless steel covers without any interference contours  which thereby can excel especially when used in the food industry, as they are particularly easy to clean and maintain. Another advantage of our belt conveyors is that they can be installed easily, for example in lines without the need to connect several conveyor belts with a central drive and thus save installation space.