Conveyor belts are used for the automation of process chains in diverse areas. The applicability of the mini conveyor belt extends from the smallest watchmakers components to the transport of sensitive food. Enclosed you see in addition a small choice of possible areas.






Precision parts in miniature dimensions characterize the watch industry. With our mini conveyor belts starting at a width of 10mm, opens you the opportunity to bring even your smallest components safely from A to B and to inspect them for example along their movement with a vision systems or a sensors.


All of our conveyor belts are already equipped with a FDA compliant belt which are necessary in many areas of food processing. In addition, it is also possible to protect our conveyor belt systems up to the IP65 protection class, which would also allow you to clean food with splash water or other liquids directly on your conveyor.


Many manufacturers have the desire to print their products on the transport or to place a label. Due to a variety of accessories such as guides, positioning elements etc. This is not a problem for our conveyor belts. Due to special constructions even your print head could be integrated into the conveyor body, whereby printing of the underside of your products is feasible.

Packaging industry

You have filling lines and need to a suitable conveyor system to fill out your products on it and transport them at the same time efficiently? We have the matching belt conveyor for you. Our belts are ideally suited to bridge long distances within a small budget and ensure a high reliability for trouble-free operation of your systems. 

Individually Configurable

Tell us your needs and we can offer the best solution. Our professional team will be happy to advise you.

Low-maintenance operation

Our conveyors are designed for low-maintenance operation and are all equipped with sealed bearings and stable gearmotors.


A special conveyor belt can be extended with a huge variety of accessories such as pneumatic cylinders, sensors and so on. The limits are hardly set to you.


To transport highly sensitive electronic components such as wafers, PCBs or tipped Print boards, anti static conveyor belts are used to prevent possible electric shock or damage. For example our two-lane conveyors are dedicated for such applications, as the contact are of the sensitive components with the conveyor belt can be reduced significantly in order to transport your parts safely to their destination.

Bulk material

From fine sand up to screws any bulk material can be transported with our band conveyors. Particular if you are using bunkers in your application and want to transport your goods, our conveyors will deal with it. By using different band materials handling delicate bulk is reliably doable. Through carrier on the band it is also possible for you to preselect your parts for the following process.

Medical technology

Highest standards in terms of hygiene, and the cleanroom suitability cause great demands for the material. Through our modular design we can provide special conveyor belts, for example, made ‚Äč‚Äčentirely of stainless steel without any niches in which dirt might stay. In connection with specific HACCP sufficient straps and sealed bearings this creates a nearly indestructible complete package for you.


If you have interest or questions about our products, feel free to contact us. Simply tell us your application, the desired dimensions of the conveyor belt and the maximum weight of your parts as well as the desired speed of the conveyor. If you have additional special environmental influences, such as abrasive materials or particularly high operating temperatures at the site, please also share them with us so that we can offer the optimal solution. Our rule is: Almost nothing is impossible, simply contact us.