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Mini conveyor belt

You are looking for a small powerhouse? Then you are absolutely right at our mini conveyor belt.

With a height of just 30mm and belt widths starting from 25mm this conveyor belt finds it place in every little sapce of a machine.

The powerful 24V DC gearmotor allows you a stepless adjustable control of the desired speed with a maximum belt load of up to 50kg.
Complete equipped with sealed bearings, our mini conveyor belt also withstands the most adverse conditions, thus ensuring a virtually maintenance-free operation in your facility.

By default, a urethane-coated belt with a low friction is fitted. This allows you for example to slide your parts onto the belt with pneumatic cylinders, but if you require different specifications, we have countless options available that we can offer you.

Benefit from our know-how in the field of material handling and configure your personal mini conveyor belt or contact us for an offer. 

Technical details

Motor 24V DC, 230V, 400V gear motor / stepper motor
Operating temperature0-60°C
Allowed belt loadmax. 500N (depending on speed)
Belt width25 / 55 / 85 / 113 / 143 / 173 / 233 / 297mm (diff. widths on request)
Conveyor belt length200mm - 4000mm
Profile height18mm, 30mm
Belt materialPolyurethane FDA compatible

Individually configured & great in quality
Your benefits

Powerful motor

A 24V DC motor with integrated gear ensures a long lifetime. A possible soft start and cushioned stop ensures gentle transport of your components

Made in Germany

High-quality products from Germany. Individually designed and assembled for you by a skilled team.

Price performance

We advise you in the selection of a suitable system and thus ensure the best possible solution for your task.

Miniature conveyor belt

A mini conveyor belt fits not always optimal into the existing business or work area. This is a fact which we take into account. Our special conveyors can be adapted to their respective conditions. We also offer a variety of accessories. If you need special parts, we can react flexibly to your wishes. You can equip your conveyor belt, for example with a special guidance. Many goods, particularly bulk goods, would otherwise cause problems during the every day life. With a guide of sheet metal, you can transport goods which are difficult to handle. Sometimes customers need an overview of how many or which substances are transported over the belt. We can install the appropriate sensor up to counting systems. Another component of an automatically operated conveyor belt is for example a scraper for removing the adherent material from the belt, thus preventing the destruction or contamination of the belt.

Should your mini conveyor belt be part of an automated system, we can supply the right accessories. We have a variety of systems with which we can position the cargo automatically. These include, for example, pick and place systems.

It is also important that we attach great importance to durability and low maintenance of our conveyors. That's why our belts are uniformly equipped with sealed cartridge bearings, keep the harmful influences away from the bearings. In addition to that he conveyors are also supplied with stable electric motors.

Versatile usable also for your application
Application areas


Precision parts in miniature dimensions characterize the watch industry. With our mini conveyor belts starting at a width of 10mm, opens you various opportunities.

Packaging industry

Our belts are ideally suited to bridge long distances within a small budget and ensure a high reliability for trouble-free operation of your systems. 

Medical technology

Through our modular design we can provide special conveyor belts, for example, made ​​entirely of stainless steel without any niches in which dirt might stay.


All of our conveyor belts are already equipped with a FDA compliant belt which are necessary in many areas of food processing.


To transport highly sensitive electronic components such as wafers, PCBs or tipped Print boards, anti static conveyor belts are used to prevent possible electric shock or damage.

Bulk material

From fine sand up to screws any bulk material can be transported with our band conveyors. Particular if you are using bunkers in your application and want to transport your goods, our conveyors will deal with it.


Many manufacturers have the desire to print their products on the transport or to place a label. Due to a variety of accessories such as guides, positioning elements etc. This is not a problem for our conveyor belts.

Our mini conveyor belt

Additionally to our miniature conveyor belt, we can offer a wide range of accessories to respond to your personal needs. Whether extension units for sensors, a special belt material or a knife edge pulley, we can offer you to the right solutions. Conveyor belts are used for the automation of process chains in many different areas. The applicability of the mini conveyor belt reaches from the smallest watchmakers components up to the transport of sensitive foods. Enclosed you will see a small selection of possible applications.

Small belt, big performance

Mini conveyor belts are the solution when it comes to create a practicable transportation solution in little space. With a very low height of less than 20 mm and a width of the conveyor belt starting from 10mm you can accommodate such a conveyor belt in every little machine. With a powerful 24V DC geared motor, the speed can be controlled continuously. This works even if the maximum load of 50kg is applied. The belt speed can be set up to 35m per minute and adjusted to the circumstances.

The mini conveyor belt is equipped with sealed cartridge bearings. This guarantees that the maintenance of the mini conveyor belt is as low as possible and adverse external conditions do not affect the functionality. The operation is possible in the range between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius. The length and the width of the mini conveyor belt are variable. Bandwidths from 10 to 230 mm are possible (others on request). In the length the variance is between 200 and 3000 mm.

The conveyor belt is provided with a polyurethane coating. The high quality workmanship makes this small powerhouse to a faithful companion for your facility. The processing is very high. The conveyor belt can be adapted with little effort to your own needs. With different sizes, the mini conveyor belt can even make useful services in very cramped conditions.

The mini conveyor belt

The mini conveyor belt from Fedotec has the particularity to carry heavy loads even in the smallest size. It is possible to carry up to 50kg without any trouble. Also special designs, which are implemented by our experienced designers are no limits to our mini conveyor belts.

You are looking for a free-standing mini conveyor belt?

Our specific mini conveyor belts are usually mounted in machines. Of course, our conveyors can also be used as a stand-alone solution in connection with with a cusomized profile frame which we can design for you.

For this application a connection with 230V aswell as a regulation could be integrated to enable a individual speed and direction control.

If you need a solution for your application feel free to contact us.

Mini Förderband

Order process

Most companies need miniature conveyors that must be constructed at first. Here our customers tell us the size and various functions they need for their mini conveyor belt.

Our designer creates 3D drawings according to this informations which will be forwarded to our customer along with the matching offer.

For standard conveyors we can already create an proposal for you without the drawings.

If the construction is approved by our customers, profiles, belts and the machined will be produced. The assembly of the individual components and the final testing of the conveyor belt is carried out by us.

Should you have any questions about our products or the production process, feel free to contact us.