Conveyor belt accessories

We can offer you beside our conveyor belts a wide range of accessories to fulfill to your personal demands completely. No matter whether furniture units for sensors, a special tape material or knife edges Umlenkrolle, we can offer you the suitable.


To be able to set up your conveyor belt at your factory, we also can offer you setup parts like angles brackets etc., which helps you to install your conveyor system. Depending on requirements, we can realize everything from a small angle attachment to a complete profile frame with adjustable working height.


You want to integrate your own components into our conveyors? No problem, just inform us about your desired components and the installation position and we will construct appropriate parts to implemate them.

Camera systems / Backlight

For the realization of your own vision system, we cooperate with competent suppliers, which enables us to work out an appropriate solution for recognition tasks. In order to achieve repeatable results, there is the possibility to integrate a backlight into our conveyor belts and to combine this with a special light-permeable belt, whereby errors through stray light can be reduced significantly.


Especially when abrasive materials are transported, it is advisable to mount a scraper on the underside of the belt. This ensures that adhesive materials are reliably stripped off and therefore your machine is saved from unnecessary pollution. Additionally scrapers made of special material are suitable to reduce static charges on the belt.

Pneumatic / Electronic accessories

Since many conveyor belts find their place in automation systems, it is of course an advantage if the handling of your component can be completely automated. In order to that we are also able to support you in such cases. No matter if electric or pneumatic actuators are used we can develop whole automation system for you like pick and place-, lifting or positioning systems that meet your requirements.

Knife edge

All our conveyors are optionally equipped with a knife edge. Thus, the transfer of parts is facilitated mainly by conveyor belt to the conveyor belt, because the components do not need to be passed over a large radius. Optionally, you can also choose between rolling and rigid knife-edges here. In most cases, however, the rolling variant is preferred due to a lower wear and reduced risk of skew.

Side guides

Normally not all transport goods are suitable for transport on conveyor belts. Thus for example, silica sand or round components pose problems because these can leave the conveyor belt. A solution to this problem often constitutes a simple guidance, for example made ​​of stainless steel sheet metal. If your application is critical or the components must be centered on the belt it is also possible to mount adjustable side guides on our conveyors. Also, a ejection can be done with guides.


A growing demand for fully monitored processes makes it more and more important to use sophisticated sensor systems. It is posssible to do things like simple presence monitoring up to distinguishing products, for example, between metallic or nonmetallic materials. Also counting passed parts or simple positioning tasks can be accomplished with a sensor.

Band material

Our standard belts meet the FDA guideline and have a low coefficient of friction on both sides of the tape. However, some cases require different properties of the used material. We offer you the chance to determine from a wide range of conveyor belts, in order to find the best one for you. This may include belts with high friction coefficient, resistance to chemicals, backlight suitability, HACCP qualification , high thermal stability, and mor. Also carriers on the belt like you use them on ascending conveyors, are not a problem.